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La Maison Publishing The Pastor and the Private Eye

The first book in the Cilla Stephenson mystery series!
ISBN-13: 978-0972238

La Maison Publishing The Pastor and the Private Eye

"You have a right to remain silent." were words pastor Vint Montrose never thought he'd hear directed at him, but they were all too real as he was bundled into the back of the patrol car-suspect in a grizzly murder. Faced with a murder rap he can't get out from under, and his small-town pastorate crumbling, things look grim-until a spunky, self-reliant private investigator from Philadelphia arrives at his door. He accepts her help and sets in motion a series of events that lead to secrets that shatter the once-peaceful rural Pennsylvania town he lives in. The Pastor and the Private Eye is not only a murder mystery, but it is a look into the dark side of human nature. It is also a story of hate, suspicion, trust-and love. It examines the lengths to which people will go to hide the truth and the resourcefulness others will employ to uncover it. It also explodes the myth that rural communities are beyond the heinous horrors of the big city. Yet, through it all, two people discover that they are never beyond the love of God. Mix equal parts of mystery, criminal investigation, and romance, and you have the formula for The Pastor and the Private Eye.


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