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Season of the Vigilante

La Maison Publishing Season of the Vigilante

Second mystery in the Cilla Stephenson series.
ISBN-13: 978-1934837

La Maison Publishing Season of the Vigilante

After their near-fatal case in Bronson, PA, Cilla and Vint decide to take a honeymoon trip to the Miami area in Cilla's trusty van, to an inexpensive motel in Sunny Isles, Florida. Little do they suspect that they'll be involved in a missing persons case for a wealthy Fort Lauderdale widow. With huge retainers and unlimited expense accounts in mind, the couple gets involved in a convoluted case where little is as it seems. At the same time, a ruthless vigilante, who calls himself The Arbiter, launches a vendetta that targets the kingpins of the South Florida drug trade. Soon, Cilla and Vint find themselves entangled in The Arbuter's web. Who is this mysterious vigilante, and does he have any connection to the case? Cilla finds answers to her search in the most unlikely of places. Along the way, circumstances test her marriage and her skills as a detective. What lies at the end of her search profoundly changes more than one life-including hers and Vint's-during the Season of the Vigilante!


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Season of the Vigilante 

T. H. Pine

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Crystal, Guardian of Upsidedonia

T. H. Pine

[Quality hardcover. Laminated dustjacket and cover. Archival, acid-free paper. 12 original, inked drawings throughout. All copies autographed and personalized by author.]

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