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La Maison Publishing Night of the Chupacabra

Third mystery in the Cilla Stephenson Series
ISBN: 978-0984323920

La Maison Publishing Night of the Chupacabra

During this, Cilla Stephenson's third major case, what starts out as an eerie cattle mutilation case in central Florida-seemingly caused by a mythical creature called a chupacabra-soon becomes a life and death struggle for survival. Faced with a situation beyond her resources, Cilla seeks help from an old nemesis-The Arbiter. What had she uncovered that would cause anyone to want to kill her and those she loved? While pursuing the case to its conclusion, Cilla, Vint and Stacia encounter situations that not only threaten their lives, but also stretch the fabric of their closest relationships. Follow private investigator, Cilla Stephenson, as she works the most exciting and threatening case of her career to date, during the Night of the Chupacabra.


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From the Farm to the Cockpit

From the Farm to the Cockpit  
[The Log of a B-24 Co-pilot]

The WordWorker's First Non-fiction Book!

T. H. Pine

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The Haunted Lighthouse: of Mackinaw City

The Haunted Lighthouse of Mackinaw City (a Prequel)

Cilla's Newest Adventure!

T. H. Pine

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The Pastor & The Private Eye 
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Season of the Vigilante 

T. H. Pine

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Crystal, Guardian of Upsidedonia

T. H. Pine

[Quality hardcover. Laminated dustjacket and cover. Archival, acid-free paper. 12 original, inked drawings throughout. All copies autographed and personalized by author.]

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Night of the Chupacabra

Newest Novel in the Cilla Stephenson Series!

T. H. Pine

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