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Saturday, January 25, 2020 ..:: Short Fiction ::..   Login
 Short Fiction Minimize

Some of the WordWorker's shorter efforts. For parents and teachers, I've rated the stories where the content and themes might be a bit "ahead" of younger children.

Enjoy the trip!




Creative Commons License

All works contained herein by T. Pine, T. H. Pine, Tom Pine, Thomas Pine, Thomas H. Pine are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


 Short Stories and Novellas Minimize
 TitleCategorySize (Kb)Created Date
1a AmbassadorFaith Story134.7910/22/2011
1b Diplomat (PG)Faith Story165.2912/7/2011
A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Wrok (PG)Romance/FaithUnknown6/3/2017
Barabbas's DilemmaFaith Story236.739/29/2018
Blood on the Door - a Passover ParableFaith Story223.889/29/2018
Bowling ColossusSportsUnknown6/3/2017
Door Within, TheScience FictionUnknown6/3/2017
Elevator, TheFaith Story53.809/23/2009
George's Christmas MiracleFaithUnknown6/3/2017
Her Slice of the Pie (PG)Faith Story155.219/23/2009
Hidden Holocaust (PG)Faith Story79.4810/31/2009
Local HeroGeneral28.205/26/2013
Love Thine Enemy, Fear Thy Love (PG)Faith StoryUnknown6/1/2017
Never Knew What Hit HimFantasy/Horror40.506/12/2013
Part I - Valentine's Day Massacre (PG)Romance110.0510/29/2009
Part II - Love's Double Agent (PG)Romance71.0410/20/2011
Point of View (PG)Faith Story125.805/26/2013
Pro and Con (PG)Faith StoryUnknown6/1/2017
Reason for the SeasonChristmas/Faith Story100.662/27/2011
Sacrifice PlayFaith Story100.079/23/2009
Saved by the Blood (PG)HorrorUnknown6/3/2017
Signing, TheFantasy Spoof32.661/18/2012
The Other LazarusFaith Story174.709/29/2018
What's a Bullet Between Brothers? (PG)Faith StoryUnknown6/1/2017
Yesterday's Promises (PG)GeneralUnknown6/3/2017


 Books Minimize


From the Farm to the Cockpit

From the Farm to the Cockpit  

  [The Log of a B-24 Co-pilot]

The WordWorker's First Non-fiction Book!

T. H. Pine

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The Haunted Lighthouse: of Mackinaw City

The Haunted Lighthouse of Mackinaw City (a Prequel)

Cilla's Newest Adventure!

T. H. Pine 

Buy New $12.99 

Buy Kindle Edition $4.99 

The Pastor & The Private Eye 
T. H. Pine

Buy New $8.00

Buy Kindle Edition $4.99

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Season of the Vigilante 

T. H. Pine

Buy New $9.99

Crystal, Guardian of Upsidedonia

T. H. Pine

[Quality hardcover. Laminated dustjacket and cover. Archival, acid-free paper.
12 original, inked drawings throughout. All copies autographed and personalized by author.]

New Low Price $13.99 15.99! (s/h $3.50)

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Night of the Chupacabra

Newest Novel in the Cilla Stephenson Series!

T. H. Pine

Buy New $14.99

Buy Kindle Edition $5.99

View the Book Trailers Here!




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